Sunday, May 30, 2010

Katie Ngo giveaway

I love giveaway and I am taking part in Katie Ngo giveaway, you can take part too.

There is more on the blog, you got to find out how to take part.

It is very nice blog of Katiengo, giveaway ends on 29 May, 2010.

Monday, May 24, 2010

In This Side of Town

Today blog review is In This Side of Town, check out Vernz blog she just tweet the blog and I like the new header. I know she has been keeping the old theme for sometimes, and now it is new refreshing one. It is a woman with a cup of coffee, with thought of bored nanay living in style in this side of town. I remember seeing in different style today it was a woman in bath tub.

Vernz is living in Davao City, Philippines, she is Pinay blogger. I am one of the followers at her blog, I love her pictures posted by her. The weekend animal encounter caught my attention. I don't know there is milk bar made of pure cows milk that comes in durian and chocolate flavour. I am sure you want to try them too.

Vernz is one of the BC bloggers and she updates her blog every day, if you want to know more of her side of town just click on above link.

This is a blog review entry for Yuuki’s TwinBlogversary Contest.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Review: Drama Queen

This is a blog review entry for Yuuki’s TwinBlogversary Contest.

Today blog review is on Drama Queen another blog which belongs to Yuuki. Currently her blog is having 67 followers and it is using the three columns template. If I compare this blog with her other blog It's Not Always About Me, I can say that she is more active in that blog than this one. But I can see that she is trying her best to keep this blog update.

Yuuki might want to watch the Taiwan Drama the Because of You. Personally I have not seen this drama as it is not showing here. She loves to watch Japanese drama, Korean drama, and Taiwanese drama. She is the drama queen as she has seen so many dramas than me. If you love to watch drama series I am sure you find her with same interest with you.

Yuuki is one of the BC Bloggers and if you have time you can also visit her other blogs.

It’s Not Always About ME
the food, the place and the bad trips!
Scientific Blabber
busy reading…

Review: It's Not Always About Me

This is a blog review entry for Yuuki’s TwinBlogversary Contest.

Good morning everyone, it is Sunday and today blog review is It's Not Always About Me which belong to Yuuki. It is not Yuuki's first blog as she earlier using the friendster but using the blog is her first blog. She loves travel and so far she visited Philippines, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and UAE (Middle East country but as you can see it is still Asia technically). Yuuki is a pen name from the girl in vampire knight.

It's Not Always About Me have got 74 followers with page rank of two. The blog is using three columns template and I like the pink colour template. You can find many MMS at the blog at the moment because she is writing review of sponsors blogs. MMS means Meet My Sponsor. Find out what is keeping Yuuki busy and this is not only related to contest but also Facebook games. Don't just read here visit her blog to read her daily post.

1st YTBC (Yuuki’s Twin Blogversary Contest)

I love contest and I am sure you also want to take part in 1st YTBC which means Yuuki's Twin Blogversary Contest.
This is challenging contest based on points and you need to work for it! I can see participants very active in this contest.

1st YTBC (Yuuki’s Twin Blogversary Contest)

Come and join us, as we celebrate It’s Not Always About ME and Drama Queen turns 1 this May2010!

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This contest ends on 31 May, 2010. As you can see the Prizes so attractive and I hope to be one of the winners too!

Click above link to take part!

XX Chronicles 4th giveaway

I love giveaway and I am taking part in XX Chronicles 4th giveaway, you can take part too.

Today, I basically decided that I wanted to buy some 22 gauge wire to make some rings. Frankly, I wanted some thicker wire, but I can't be too picky. This is the nice bit of jewelry that I came up with. It's nothing too special, but I am quite proud of it considering it's the very first ring I've ever made out of wire. It's time to start honing my skillz (the z was intentional).

Then I thought for a bit. How can I improve my skills and use up the rest of the 10 meter wire that i bought? I didn't even go through one meter! I can't wear that many rings! AH! So, giveawayyy!

What can you win: I will custom make you a piece of jewelry of your choice. Necklaces, rings, bracelet whatever! You want flowers, you got flowers. Maybe you feeling some pearls? Go for it. The sky's the limit. Even though this is no Burger King, you can still have it your wayyyy HAYYYYY. yes, I know, I shouldn't go into comedy. But seriously, let's see how you can win.

  1. You gots to be a follower. You can follow through email, google friend connect, whatever. Just let me know kay?
  2. Leave an email, or some form of communication.

Optional Entries:

  1. Reblog, retweet, restumble, redigg, refacebook, mow it into your lawn, i don't know. THe last one isn't recommended btw. But If you do spread the word let me know. If you are blogging, a sidebar mention is fine and you can still do this even if you have 0 followers! It's the thought that counts- 2 extra entries

  2. What's something you'd like to see on this blog? More DIYs? More reviews? More EOTDs? If you are a new subscriber and you have no idea, just tell me something you love personally. I know how you feel ladies and men. Sometimes I'm a new subscriber and I really don't want to go through that blogger's 1000000 posts to see what kind of posts I want to see more of. -1 extra entry

This contest ends on June 15th! INTERNATIONAL ENTRIES WELCOME

Monday, May 10, 2010

She is crazy?

I cannot stand my housemate, she is acting funny and I cannot believe it that she thinks whatever she thinks all correct. I do not want to talk to her so much as she does not listen to me.