Tuesday, September 22, 2009

PluSizeKitten Nail Art Contest

I like to take part in contest and here is one you can take part. PluSizeKitten Nail Art Contest is waiting you to take part.

Prize for Winner!
Anna Sui Nail Art Sticker & Dolly Girl Lil Startlet Nail Polish worth rm80 above for the best Plusizekitten Nail Art design!

How 2 Enter?
  1. Only followers of my blog are allowed to participate
  2. You will need to blog about this contest as part of your entry
  3. Leave a comment here with your blog link, follower id & email address
  4. Post a picture of your nail art along with nail polishes/etc used on your blog and let me know again by leaving a comment in here.
If you're not a blogger, you can leave a comment here notifying that you have email me your entry and details along with a picture of your nail art. Strictly for non-bloggers only. Kindly leave your follower id name/tag so I can verify that you're a reader of this blog.

If you're just here to spread the word to others, you can blog about it and leave your link, follower id and email here for me to check your blog :) a lucky draw will be held for the lucky blogger who blogged about this contest. You get a mini nail polish from OPI :)

Terms & Conditions
  1. contest starts today 18/9/09 and ends 1/10/09
  2. must be pink nail polish as base
  3. freestyle, just impress me :)
  4. all entry pictures will be used on this blog
  5. this contest is only for followers of this blog
  6. the lucky draw will be done online using a random winner selector
  7. entries of the nail art designs will be posted on this blog for voting!
For more info just click on the link above.

Good luck.

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